Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital

Situation Analysis

After much anticipation, the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital was scheduled to open its doors to South Los Angeles in spring of 2015. After being closed down due to several factors including medical negligence, it was important for the new hospital to improve its brand and reputation within the community.


As a result, LAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS was tasked with leading all media relations and community outreach efforts to improve awareness of the new hospital and build new positive relationships with the community and media surrounding the hospital.



·      Change the image and perceptions associated with the brand

·      Educate and increase awareness about the mission and services

·      Introduce the community to hospital leadership

·      Develop and enhance strategic partnerships with community-based organizations

·      Promote prevention and wellness


Overall Strategy

Utilized media relations, community outreach and social media to increase brand exposure of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, deliver message key points and generate excitement leading up to the opening of the hospital.


Community Outreach

LAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS (LC) executed community outreach on behalf of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH) by negotiating and partnering with several community based organizations, local businesses and event coordinators in South Los Angeles. A total of four learning center workshops were executed, along with 27 community events over the course of one year. In addition, LC planned the Hospital’s CEO Pastoral Breakfast in an effort to introduce the Spiritual Care program to spiritual leaders in the community. Expectations were surpassed by securing a total of 40 attendees at this first-of-its-kind event.


Media Relations

LC executed media relations targeting multicultural media in the hospital’s service area. Prior to the hospital’s grand opening a media tour was planned and executed by the team in an effort to raise awareness about the new hospital’s feature and services. In addition, LC developed a media relations strategy to increase awareness of the hospital’s Know Your Basic program. The campaign aimed to provide basic health information to community members for better health management.  Along with the media garnered for the NMA Top Healthcare Professionals Award received by MLKCH’sprominent doctors, LC was able to secured a total of 122 placements, generating 124,761,566 impressions in both African American and Hispanic outlets in South LA.

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