American Cancer Society – Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign


Client: American Cancer Society

Project: Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign

As part of its continuing effort to raise awareness about colon cancer, the American Cancer Society (ACS) launched a campaign targeting African American (AA) and Hispanic men and women in California, promoting the importance of early colon cancer screening.


  • Increase awareness about the importance of early colon cancer testing to the AA and Hispanic communities
  • Produce a “call to action” for individuals to receive colon cancer testing
  • Influence families to openly engage in discussions about colon cancer
  • IPosition ACS as a primary source for information about colon cancer

Target Audience

  • Primary- AA and Hispanics ages 50 + that have never received colon cancer testing or do not receive regular testing
  • Secondary- Families, friends, and caregivers of the primary audience


  • Identify campaign spokespersons
  • Identify community-based organizations and events in California to distribute campaign collateral material
  • Enlist the support of community and local government leaders
  • Execute city partnerships
  • Conduct media relations



  • Use selected leaders and spokespersons to spread the word on the importance of early screening for colon cancer in the African American and Hispanic communities
  • Distribute Spanish-language and English-language brochures with relevant images and information about colon cancer screenings at city events, city locations such as city halls, police department, health departments, etc.


  • Well-known African Americans and Hispanics lent their name and time to discuss the campaign on broadcast media such as Pat Tobin, president, of Tobin & Associates and ACS spokesperson Felix Aguilar
  • Secured spokespersons appearances on TV and radio public affairs shows
  • Partnered ACS with Harley-Davidson Motor Company and developed church fans with images of spokespersons and ACS colon cancer messages then distributed them to a captive audience via faith based organizations


  • Generated 2,837,300 print, broadcast media impressions
  • Distributed 20,000 fans throughout the State of California
  • Established five city partnerships and distributed approximately 3,000 collateral items

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